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Procurement Outsourcing



To make guest experience seamless, opt for best in house accessories. We deliver luggage racks, iron boards and more hotel

Suitcases & Trolley Bags

Travel should be easy rather than tiring. That is why Mukunda is offering its customers a very lightweight and steady


Room amenities are crucial in hospitality. Traderston distributes the best in class toiletries and accessories.

Travel Duffels

Travel duffels are both stylish and comfortable to carry anywhere while traveling. That is why Mukunda is offering great quality

Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Now get uninterrupted power supplies for all your computer devices with our UPS product line. Mukunda offers quality UPS products

Wall Plates

A wide assortment of linen, from Pool Linen, Bed linen, Bathroom Linen, Table linen, and Bath Robes

Wire Connector

An assortment of glassware for different situations, times, and places. Gourmet glasses, lead free crystal glass, and trend drinks.