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Health & Household

The products you expend for cleaning, carpentry, auto repair, gardening, and many other home uses can comprise ingredients that can damage you, your family, and the environment. These include-
Oven and drain cleaners,Cleaning and sterilizing products, including bleach and antibacterial purifiers,Laundry powder.Floor polish,Paint thinners, strippers, and removers,Pesticides,Grease and rust removers,Motor oil and fuel additives,Arts and craft supplies

Toxic materials in these products can cause damage if inhaled, gulped, or absorbed through the skin. People respond to harmful substances in different means. At high doses, a toxic material might cause birth deficiencies or other serious problems, including brain injury or death.

To avoid problems, keep commodities in the containers they arrive in and utilize them exactly as the label says. Interpret label directions or get medical help if you gulp or inhale them or receive them on your skin.


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