Who We Are ?

Global Outsourcing and Exporting General Trading Company

Mukunda General Trading L.L.C is a trading company and its head office is located in Dubai, UAE. We commenced our company in the year 2020 by the BLUEBERRY HOLDING'S shareholders. Our Managing Director is Jai Kishan Tewani.We established lengthy and closer functioning relationships with our customers and suppliers.

About Us

We build commercial flows, import and export commodities, organizing and supervising international projects with our collaborators. Assisted our network, we can incorporate all these purposes with our product experience. Our various competencies permit us to acknowledge the necessities of industries peering for a new market.

Mukunda Trading company was ascertained to deliver the Global Procurement and Logistical support services to local and international organizations and institutes. Our professional team of young and dynamic specialists works for various sectors such as electronics equipment, computers, and hardware, mobile offices, home furniture, and auto parts, etc.  Each member of the Mukunda Trading team has functioned in many prominent companies whereby they have obtained expertise in their fields.

As a trading Company, Mukunda imports and exports goods and commodities by serving the global tenders and bids and engages in different relevant services such as home furniture, etc

MUKUNDA GENERAL TRADING retain prosperity of information and have created adequate channels and connections with international manufacturers, thus strengthening our procurement and purchasing vitality to a category envied. 

We are providing our services in various Gulf countries and also has well-developed associations with freight and shipping custom providers to more confirm the best shipping methods.

Blueberry Group

Blueberry Holdings Ltd. is the Shareholders’ firm enrolled in Dubai which holds Blueberry Travel and Mukunda General Trading under it with a perception of many more in the coming years.In the fiscal year 2019, Blueberry Holdings noted a turnover of more than 100 Million USD and glaring ahead to more in the future time.


Mukunda General Trading

Our Core Values

We are determined to procure our products at the exact time at the proper place with zero tolerance and always with outstanding service on a single call with full-


We are ethical and honest in all regions of life, in our skilled workers, and our subjective lives.

Transparency & Honesty

We value transparent relationships with clients and brands that are transparent about their commodities and we provide transparent politicians and politics.


At MUKUNDA GENERAL TRADING, everyone has a main function in reliability. It is a sign that all team members must concentrate on, driving us to distribute on quality, on period, on cost.


We have always aspired to manufacture the highest reasonable quality products at the lowest reasonable prices. We suspect in the motto; ” You receive what you expend for.”

Quality of Workmanship

Stimulating everyone in our organization to guide systematic recognition from employees thanking their peers to administrators exemplifying distinction for the rest of the company enhances our values and governs to better achievement across the organization.